BBCWR Civilian & Non-Combatant Corps

During the years of the Civil War, more than just the military were affected. Much of the civilian population was displaced either due to the battles or because they followed their family members from camp to camp.

Many re-enactors choose to portray these brave souls of the 1860's. Some choose to portray the groups that were formed during the war such as the US Christian Commission and the US Sanitary Commission. Our Civilian population combines some of these entities into a small tent town that followed the military on both sides.  In either case the roles they assume during re-enactments give the public a taste of the harshness of life during the War.

We are attempting to recreate parts of the whole picture of the period for our visitors. We wish also to encourage those who might desire to participate in what we enjoy doing to join in and become a part of the living history found in the BBCWR.

Our Civilian and Non-Combatant Corps attempt to show people how the civilian population lived while the war took place. So you want to be a reenactor.

Civilian & Non-Combatant Contacts

Yvonne Clements Sullivan, Civilian Board Representative,

Tea Mistress

Susie Giurlani, US Sanitary Commission Chairperson,

Susie Giurlani, Christian Commission Chairperson