Welcome to the Confederate Brigade

On April 12th, 1861 the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay. What led to this act? Why would seven states secede from the union of states known as the United States of America? Why would 300,000 men, women and children lay down their lives in the bloodiest war every fought on American soil? Was it over the issue of slavery? Was it because of the taxation and tariffs placed on the Southern people by the Northern majority? Men from states across the Mason-Dixon Line believed that a state had the right to govern itself and joined the Confederate Army's cause to free the South from the tyranny of the North. A "War between the States", as it would be called, a Civil War, which would last for 4 years. A war that would see family members pitted against each other. A war that would in part define the nation we know today.

The Confederate Brigade Commander invites you to become a part of this great hobby by joining up with our educational organization.

So you want to be a reenactor

Come be a part of the Confederate Brigade

Join the BBCWR Confederate Brigade and learn what it would have been to live the life of a Confederate infantryman, cavalry trooper or cannoneer. Our goal is to touch the past and learn from it. With clothing and accoutrments of the period we strive to represent and understand those who fought for the Confederacy: men, women and children, who gave their lives in defense of what they believed in.

The Confederate Brigade of the BBCWR is made up of a wide variety of folk, but one thing we all have in common is a love of and a respect for our country's history. One other thing that you might have noticed if you have stopped by one of our events: We have a heck of a good time, whether during a battle reenactment, at a Civil War period ball, or just hanging around camp making music or swapping stories. We'd be pleased if you'd care to join us.

The pages of this website will give you a bit of an idea of what we do, but the best way to find out what we're about is to come out to one of our many events. Talk with any of our members, the Rebs, the Yanks, the Civilians. You'll find reenactors very easy to talk to.

A couple of the questions that nearly always come up from new folk are what equipment do I need and how much is it likely to cost. This page will try to answer those questions:


Exactly what you'll need for a uniform depends in part on which unit of the Brigade you choose to join. So before buying anything it would be wise to talk to someone from the unit you're considering joining. Sutlers, the merchants who specialize in clothing and gear for the Civil War period reenactor, will carry most anything you might need. A basic uniform including trousers, shirt, hat, jacket can be had starting at about $160. Some of these items can be made at home, or adapted from modern clothing, but be sure to get advice from an experienced reenactor on the specifics.

Footgear: Black or brown leather unadorned shoes or boots. Period style brogans (also called Jefferson Bootees) and boots are sold by sutlers.


Canteen: A requirement for all soldiers on the field is a period style canteen.


Infantry: The two most common infantry shoulder arms during the War were the 3 band Springfield and the 3 band Enfield. Reproductions of these arms vary in cost and can be found at many retailers as well as used in good quality. Example

Cavalry: The Sharps carbine is the most often seen on reenactment battlefield, though there are other fine carbines available. The Sharps reproductions typically range slightly more than muskets Example. Reproduction revolvers, either Colt or Remington typically sell for $199 and up. Example

Artillery: No small arms are required since you'll be manning the big ones. Revolvers or carbines are sometimes carried.

Michael Allgeier, Brigade Commander

Tim Bell, Confederate Representative