The Union Brigade of the BBCWR

President Lincoln sent out the call for men to take up arms to preserve the Union. Men from the East and from the new States in the West answered the call and formed up to become the Army of the Potomac, to put down the threat to our great Republic.

These men left their homes and loved ones behind, their crops standing in the fields, and all their worldly possessions. They learned how to use muskets, sabers and cannons in an attempt to stop the Rebel foes.

And now the call goes out again:

Defend the Union!


We are looking for people to re-enact the American Civil War, to experience life in the 1860's and the taste of black powder from firing on the battle field.

Civil War re-enacting is a great way to share the history of our Nation. We strive to keep fresh in all of our memories a time that in part defined what our country is today, and to remember and honor those who offered the last full measure of devotion to help preserve our Nation, the United States of America. The Union Brigade Commander of the Battle Born Civil War Re-Enactors invites all loyal Americans to join us in our crusade to restore this divided land. Men of good character are now wanted for service in the Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery; each one offering its own advantages and challenges.

So you want to be a reenactor

Michael Berdan , Brigade Commander